Glassware by Emma Mackintosh

Our core range of glassware is created by Nettle + Tansy founder Emma Mackintosh, a Lake District based glass artist. Inspired by nature and the beauty of the National Park in which she lives, Emma’s glassware is both classic and contemporary, with a focus on combining style and functionality.

Emma has been working with glass for over 12 years, and has developed a personal style which results in pieces which are refreshingly individual. Meet Emma, and learn more about how she works. 

My Work

“Blowing glass and making beautiful vessels that add enjoyment to life is my passion.”

I am a glass flameworker based in the English Lake District. Many people have the image of a glass artist using a large, hot furnace to blow glass and create pieces, but I use a small torch instead. I use this to melt glass rods and tubes, which I then blow, sculpt and connect with the heat to mould my glassware. Using a torch rather than a furnace allows me to be much more precise and control the finished results in a highly personal way.

When it comes to the flameworking process, I use a combination of scientific flame working techniques, and a more artistic approach, to develop a style and technique which are unique and personal. As a skill, scientific flamework is on the ‘Red List’ of endangered crafts in the UK, and I believe it is so important to keep this skill alive.

I love to add texture and form to my glassware, and do this using locally foraged plants to keep a connection with nature; as well as by melting and adding layers of glass. 

My Glassware 

Hot glass is versatile, fascinating, and endlessly challenging to work with. Every piece that I make involves a conversation with the material, every piece slightly different and unique. Inspired by local Lake District landscapes and plants, each glass goes on to facilitate a conversation between drinker and drink.

I believe glassware should be beautiful, but also functional. The pieces I create are all durable and can be used for special occasions or on a daily basis. My glassware is made to be enjoyed! 

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Designed to be used. Beautiful and functional, serving a purpose and durable enough to withstand use. 

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Beautiful glasses designed to be admired and get people talking

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Handmade, unique, small batch pieces which are each refreshingly individual 

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